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Sabbath School Classes
 CLASS                              DESCRIPTION
Cradle Roll (Birth to 4 yrs)   The Cradle Roll class meets in the Cradle Roll room (entered from courtyard).  The children are well supervised and activities provided include singing, stories and felts.  Special emphasis is placed on ensuring that the children have a interesting time at church
 Kindergarten (4 - 7 yrs)    
The Kindergarten Class meets in the Kindergarten room (entered from courtyard).  Activities for children of this age are developmentally appropriate. The children will enjoy learning of Jesus and Bible heroes in Scripture, through stories, songs and activities.
 Primary (7 - 10 yrs)  
The Primary Class meets in the Primary room (entered from courtyard).  Children participate in a variety of activities such as singing, hearing stories and Bible games.  Also at this age as they learn more about the Bible and recite memory verses. 
 Juniors (10 - 13 yrs)  
The Junior Class meets in the Junior room, passed the kitchen in Williams Hall (entered from parking lot).  Children get to participate in Bible games, discussions, hearing Bible stories and singing.          
Teens (14 - 18 yrs)   The teen Class meets in Williams Hall first courtyard classroom and is entered from the courtyard.  The teens participate in singing and Bible discussions.  Emphasis is given to bible study lessons.
Young Adults (18 and up)   The Young Adults class is not just for "Young Adults", but for all ages over 18.  They meet in the upper portion of the Bird St. House. (1155 Bird St.)  Here a comfortable atmosphere encourages open discussion, and focuses on strengthing their relationship with Christ so that they might use His example in relatons to others they come in contact with.

Adult Sabbath School

Spanish Sabbath


Three Adult classes are offered. The main Adult class meets in the Sanctuary,  One class meets in the section of williams hall that enters through the court yard.  The Pastor's class meets in the main section of Williams Hall and is entered from the parking lot side.. The main and the Williams Hall adult classes follow the guided lessons backed by Scripture and the quarterly guide distributed by the Genereal Conference whereas the Pastor's class is a training class for new believers.

This meets in the down stairs class room of the Bird St. House. (located at 1155 Bird St. behind the Williams Hall section of the church)