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Future evangelism in the Philippines by Maranatha Help Ministeries associated with the Filinvest Church
Below is an e-mail I have received from Jerome Ramos who is director of the Maranatha Help Ministeries.  He is the motovating force behind the evangelism done by the Filinvest Church in the Philippines.  In the e-mail below, you will notice gramatical errors but I am sure you can understand what the message is and the evangelism projects that they are trying to do.  The Filinvest Church is not able to fund this extensive evangelsim project on their own.  They need our help to accomplish these church plants.  So far, each church plant that has been carried out in the past has been successful and each has continued to grow.  There is follow up with bible workers who train the people in how to run a church as well as reviewing doctrine.  Some of you may wish to support a bible worker.  At present their pay is about $75 (3000 pesos)  per month.  The local people provide their food and lodging.  They are dedicated workers.  At the end of the letter there is a referral to their Facebook photos of the teams that go out each year.  They all wear a shirt with MISSIONARY across the back.  Many times, if they are on a bus, or ferry, they will be preaching to the passengers as they travel.
Please consider the projects in your giving.
If you wish to support the evangelism, Put on the tithe envelope "Philippine evangelsim project"
If you wish to support a bible worker,   Put on the tithe envelope "Philippine bible worker"  
The funds will be sent to them promptly.
Thank you for your consideration of these projects, Neal Spiva and Jerome Ramos

Dear Oroville SDA Church   11/2/2016;
About the December mission, this coming December is not in Calatagan, Batangas, this place was scheduled this coming summer, but instead December is scheduled in Western, Pangasinan the place that I have visited this weekend, the Western, Pangasinan in Northern Luzon is a vast territory..it is composed of 10 towns and it is 3 hours to travel going to the nearest mission which is NORTHERN LUZON MISSION but sad to say this new territory is rocky and dry land when it comes to church planting. To do evangelism is really a big challenge. With this big territory I have felt that God is calling me to that place for the church planting, my very good friend of mine who is working as district pastor really encourage me to focus on that place by next year and help him to put churches in this 7 towns. western, Pangasinan is a big territory composed of 10 towns if I am not mistaken but the presence of Adventist church is only in 3 towns… and those churches are really small. My pastor friend whose name is Victor G. Mariano is a very dedicated pastor he travels 3 or four hours just to urge the brethren to continue to their faith. Because some are dying churches. He’s been praying that God will help him and used some instruments to do and evangelism and church planting..he met an independent ministry from Australia but he said..he was sad when he approach this independent ministry asked him about the numbers of baptism if just in case but when he told that this place is a unpredictable when it comes to the number of baptism… he never heard anymore from that ministry. That is why he was really happy when I contacted him and offer a services like evangelism and church planting,, he said that maybe this is an answer to his prayer. Another place that I have visited is his hometown it is in Camp 3, Cannon Road, Benguet a mountainous place and the climate is really cool … that place is 45 min. to one hour to travel going to the nearest mission which is MOUNTAIN PROVINCES MISSION…however due to the culture and traditions because this place is compose of several tribes, church planting is really challenging…because they believe to some spirits which is contrary to our doctrine, there was an evangelism happened in that place many years ago according to my very good friend pastor who was that time is not yet Adventist (he was just converted when an L.E drop by to their house and asked water and offer bible study and later on he was converted and he was the only Adventist in that place..he decided to become a pastor then we met in Northern Luzon Adventist College) but because there is no house of worship the new believers just gone. Today in that place with the beautiful water falls there is no Adventist presence since he is working now in Northern Luzon Mission as a pastor. He told me that why not to conduct an evangelism their and he offers the abandoned house of his aunt when as a temporary house of worship after evangelism…he offers as well a land area beside the beautiful water falls to build a church.. When I have seen these two territories my heart was really move by God..I am convinced that God would like me to focus next year our mission into that vast territories wherein the presence of our church is not existed.
Please help me to pray that by God’s grace we could be able to put churches into this 7 towns under Northern Luzon Mission wherein no Adventist presence and to Benguet Mountain Provinces under Mountain Provinces Mission. If it is God’s will..we will focus on these new mission field this coming year and the next following years to spread the good news of God soon return…  this vast territory of NORTHERN LUZON and MOUNTAIN PROVINCES the house of several tribes and unique traditions, culture and beliefs preserved hundreds years ago.  May God help us to put the presence of His great love into these places.

Greetings from the Philippines!  December 2, 2016   for you information in the letter below, 1 dollar = about 43 php

Today we are really busy doing a preparation going to the mission field...because in the few days we will be leaving for mission and church planting...the two bible workers already deployed to the western Pangasinan...and they are now doing bible studies to prepare the ground for church planting... they are currently renting the house... one of them is my brother who is born before me...he was not able to finish his studies in high school..today he just volunteered to be one of the bible workers without any stipend so the ministry accepted him... the teacher who is now the bible worker is working now to the hillsview sda church..I am very happy when we received the copy of tithing bulletin from the conference...the churches that we planted is now on the record of the conference meaning they are now active tithe payers and active churches :)
today everybody is busy...we have enough fund for the mission.... to pay all expenses except for the fare of the young people...so we are doing all our best to sell peanut butter for the additional funds for the fare..we need to have at least 8,000 Php. for their fare..we have now already 3,000 Php. :) two weeks from now we will be leaving...we had several baptism..I change my style in dealing with the bible studies...I keep inviting my students to attend Sabbath services..and they are now regular attendees..two of them got baptized already after two months of bible studies... some will follow... and this coming January we will conduct an indoor evangelism here again at Filinvest Church. Please continue pray for us and the church planting!
God bless you all!
With you in Christ's service,