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Sabbath: January 16, 2020


Never Give Up

There are days, I know,
when you get so discouraged.
It seems that all hope is gone.
But there's only one who can give you courage
and strength to carry on.

This old world, I know, can't last much longer,
and sin will soon pass away.
But my faith in God simply
keeps growing stronger,
for Jesus is coming some day.

Never give up, Jesus is coming. 
It's the darkest just before dawn.
Never give up, Jesus is coming,
Never give up, keep holding on.

Please join us this Sabbath, January 16
Sabbath School begins at 9:30am
Church Service begins at 10:30am
(Not In Person)

ZOOM link and phone numbers
can be accessed manually at:
Meeting I.D.: 940 1464 6242
Password: 3Angels
. . . Or by phone, dial: 1 669 900 6833
You will be asked for meeting I.D.: type in 940 1464 6242
You will then be asked to type in password 816434 #

Children's Sabbath School ONLINE (only) at 9:30 am
access manually at:
Meeting ID: 402 650 3554 
password: 7mbQtu


Pastor’s SS Class 9:30am
(online) (not in-person)
Dial-in number: (515) 606-5447: Access code: 452385 #



Dear Lord forgive me for the time
that I waste looking for selfish “fun”
And then pine away just being overwhelmed
by what all needs to be done
“One thing at a time” is what you bring to my thoughts
Don’t let defeat build on defeat and be bound up in knots”
“I am your strength ... just put me first on your “to do” list.
And do whatever you do to the glory of God,
you know “I am in your midst”.
“You’ll find joy upon joy as you accomplish your goals
With my purpose in mind nothing is insignificant
or petty when you touch other souls”
“Then you can look back and say
‘I’m free and unbelievably blessed
My precious Savior encourages me
to more than past even this test! ‘“
Peggy Nadeau

Please Join Our Youth
as they host the 5th Sabbath, Jan 30th!

Our special guest is Elder Dwayne Lemon. Dwayne Lemon is an Ordained Elder in the Adventist Church. He is the Director of PTH Ministries, a bible based ministry of Preaching, Teaching and Healing. Elder Lemon's greatest desire is to help people have a real, dynamic, and fully consecrated life in Jesus. 

From an early age, Dwayne Lemon had a love and passion for dancing. His talents took him a long way. He was able to do choreographic dancing for famous artists on the world stage. However, after losing his nephew to gun violence he realized that there was more to life than entertainment. After coming across a flyer that invited him to a series of Bible meetings, he attended only to find answers to his hearts deepest questions. A providential series of events led him to humble himself and be converted to Jesus Christ.

Event Schedule:

9:30a - 10:30a: Sabbath School with Elder Lemon
10:30a: Pre-Service Presented by the Youth
11:00a: Divine Worship with Elder Lemon
1:15p: Local Hiking event led by Abel Lambert

Mark your calendar, tell a friend, and may we all be blessed!

Church Announcements
For Sabbath, January 16, 2021

Butte County temporarily closes
“In-person” Church Services

Services will be available on Zoom (online)
and by phone (dial: 1 669 900 6833
- meeting ID 940 1464 6242 - password 816434#)

Church Activity Calendar
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"Share Your Testimony"
We are looking for short stories (answers to prayer) that can be shared in this Newsletter as an inspiration to readers. If you have a story of how God has worked in your life, send your paragraph(s) to Virgle Seaton via email. 

"Pastoral Care"
For anyone needing a pastoral or elder visit, please contact:  
       Pastor Cain (rogerdcain@gmail.com) or
       Head Elder, Virgle Seaton (virgle4905@sbcglobal.net

Children Sabbath School Plan

Your Children’s Sabbath School Leaders have decided on a plan during the pandemic while church is only online.  We want to address all ages. To do this, the following schedule will be followed each month:

1st Sabbath – Primary *
2nd Sabbath – Cradle Roll *
3rd Sabbath – Kindergarten *
4th Sabbath – Juniors *
5th Sabbath - with Bro. Dwayne Lemon
(for the entire family - use main service link)

We encourage all ages to listen in each week, even if the lesson is geared for another age group. 

Hoping to see you all there ONLINE this Sabbath at 9:30

Login manually - Meeting ID: 402 650 3554  Password: 7mbQtu


Adult Sabbath School Quarterly

Sabbath School Quarterlies for the 1st quarter of 2021 are available.  We will be studying the book of Isaiah. Contact Virgle Seaton or Vickie Kirk for how to obtain the new quarterly... Or stop by the church on Sabbath between 12 and 1 where Virgle Seaton will be prepared to give out quarterlies.  The quarterly can also be found on line free. Google ssnet.org.


Watch Past Sabbath Worship Services

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January 9:     Church Replay 1.9
January 2:     Church Replay 1.2   
December 26: Church Replay 12.26
December 19: Church Replay 12.19
December 12: Church Replay 12.12
You can bless your friends by sharing worship.


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• Friday: Sabbath Rest Begins Friday at Sunset (5:06 pm)
• Sabbath Evening Sundown at (5:07 pm)

All Sabbath Schools: 9:30 am

Sabbath Worship Service 10:30 am

Church Business Meeting

Saturday at 6 pm on Zoom

Open to all church members
The 2021 church budget will be presented.    
Any questions please call Virgle at 530-589-3560

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 925 6182 4344

Weekly Events

• Pathfinders Meeting Monday (Cancelled temporarily due to Covid) 

• Prayer Meeting: Wednesday @ 6:30 pm
Reading from the book "Maranatha, the Lord Is Coming".
Phone meeting only: call 1-605-472-5693, pin 131762#   
No in-person meeting due to covid.
• Women’s Bible Study: Thursday @ 6:30 pm 
 By phone only: Call 305-848 8888 code 2536299022 
Leader: Sally Walker-Glaude'


Daily Devotional Source

Subscribe to www.revivalandreformation.org. You will be sent a link daily from the General Conference to a relevant inspiring short devotional.
Check it out. Be blessed.


An Encouraging Testimony

Provided by Kodi Kostenko

“On the last night of a four-week evangelistic crusade that we attended in Chattanooga, I saw a young lady as we were sitting in the audience. We made eye contact and she smiled at me and I smiled back and thought man, she looks like the girl we met that has been coming to the meetings with her boyfriend… Brittany is it? So as we were going out the back at the end of the service, I saw her standing there and I said, ‘Hey, are you Brittany?’ ‘No, actually my name is Destiny.’

We started chatting and I found out she works at the Little Debbie factory, and someone there who had given her a puppy recommended that she come to this church. 

‘Yeah, this is actually my first time ever in an Adventist church,’ she told me. ‘My dad was a Baptist pastor for 18 years but I haven’t been to any church in quite a while.’

Turned out that Destiny had just been through a rough one-year marriage and divorce. ‘You know I didn’t do it God’s way, but I want to do it His way this time and I want to find someone who is in the church.’ Destiny confided.

We talked some more and I shared counsel from the Word. Anyway, please keep her in prayer. I just really feel that God brought her to the church we were attending and that he guided me that evening to make contact with her.” Fawna concluded. 
Yes, there is no doubt, it must have been Destiny, even if her name had been Brittany! God never leaves giving chances to chance, and He will guide your life upward today in His salvation way and He will order your steps in order that you may meet others and invite them to come along! 

God’s plan for you is not to have a meaningless life.
He wants you to enjoy 
power-filled living now! In this online series, Pastor John Bradshaw will share practical Bible messages to help you experience a revival in your heart, in your home, and in your church. Join No Limits: A Life of Power Jan. 24-29, 2021. Registration will open Dec. 10, 2020, at nolimits2021.com. Download sharing resources at itiswritten.com/rtresources



We need prayer today more than ever.

“Teach me your decrees, O LORD;
I will keep them to the end.
Give me understanding
and I will obey your instructions;
I will put them into practice with all my heart.”

Psalm 119:33-34, NLT

Prayer Call
Join the NCC Prayer Line every Thursday morning from 7-8 a.m. Call 1-916-637-8111, and use code 669648#.


Outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 
The selection of our new pastor.
Oroville Church Young People:
studying at FRAS, Academy, College,
Home School and Public School and their teachers.
Church and Government leadership 
Covid emergency world wide
Newly Baptized Members
Bible Studies happening in Oroville.
Missing members
Unspoken Requests
Lambert Family: Grieving loss of Regina's father
Richard Myers: Covid Symptoms
Brenda Abell: Covid Symptoms
Bud Vangunda Family:  Covid symptons
Kathy Nixon: Golden Feather friend serious health issue
Debra Montgomery: Brother Robin accept Jesus
& cousin Monte healing from cancer.
Boni Marshall's Sister Beth: Healing from Cancer
Dwight Seaton: Back pain needs resolve
Nita Henke: Needs in-home care
Robert Chiatovich: brain cancer recovery.

Other Health Issues

Call special prayer requests to Carolyn Seaton at
530 589-3560 
or send an email
Thanks, Carolyn


"Bring the full amount of tithe to my Temple so that there will be plenty of food in my house,  Try me, and see if I will not open the gates of heaven and pour out so many blessings on you, spiritual as well as material, that you will not be able to number them all."  Malachi 3:10  Clear Word Bible

Thank you for your continued financial support of God's church! As we resume our online services, you can go online to return your tithes and offering to God at: Oroville Online Giving