0roville Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Current Oroville Church Bulletin

Oroville Seventh-day Adventist Church

January 19, 2019


The Church at Study   9:15 – 10:30am


Song Service                        Pastor Larre & Connie Kostenko  

Sanctuary                                  Adult Sabbath School Lesson

William’s Hall                                                          Spanish Class

William’s Hall                                                         Sharon’s Class

2nd door off courtyard                                         Pastor’s Class

Bird Street House                                          Young Adult Class



Prelude   10:30 am



Welcome and Announcements                       Virgle Seaton

Church Ministries                                                     Pat Kirkman

Song Service                  Sonia Orozco, Kody & Lyli Kostenko  


Church Service   11:00 am


*Introit                                          The Lord is in His Holy Temple

Invocation                                                                Shirley Abell  

Scripture  Reading      Revelation 3:18-21           Shirley Abell              

Opening Hymn         Christ Is Coming                               #201

Offering                 Local Church Budget           Brenda Abell

Offertory                                                                    Rick Rincon              

Children’s Story                                                    Sharon Wedin  

Intercessory Prayer                                           Kody  Kostenko  

Special Music                                                 Dr. Milton Conley  

Sermon      The Great Need for Access         Kody Kostenko  

Closing Hymn  The Coming King Is At The Door   on screen

Benediction                                                           Brenda Abell

**Postlude                                                                 Rick Rincon  

*Please kneel     **Please be seated



We are a very active church. Something is happening every day. Ask for the weekly calendar in the foyer after the service.


Today: Homeless Food Giveaway, 2:30 p.m. 

Vespers: 4:30 p.m.  Church Business Meeting following.

Prayer Remembrances

For Revival and Reformation 777 - 3x’s every day.

Pray for our friends who are joining us to study the Bible.

Ted Scheibler –  for his health and salvation.

Maxine Dunks – pray for her health.

Sina Tuialuuluu – prayer for healing.

Tusi Tuialuuluu –  for his health.

Albert Beierle  – pray for his health.

Rosalee Beierle–  for her health.

Dwight Seaton  – pray for his surgeries.

Lora Abell  – pray for her health.

Crystal Nocelo  – pray for her health.

Joy Orlando – That she won’t reject her new pancreas.

Stacie Miller  – Becky Nimz’s daughter, for her health.

Susan H. – for depression.

Brian Nielson’s friend wants prayer for his brother.

Please let Carolyn Seaton know of additional prayer requests: 589-3660


Church Budget Update

Amount budgeted to date                                        $ 9,721.00

Contributed to date                                                    $3, 584.27

Amount needed to balance in January                 $ 6,136.73


Reading Plan – Believe His Prophets

If you need a Bible or the first book mentioned below,

please ask one of our church members.

Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 5

 Leviticus 10 - 19

Sunset tonight:  5:10                            Sunset next Friday: 5:17


Offering next week             NAD - Emphasis: Religious Liberty